USPS Change of Address

USPS Change of Address is a service that helps people get their mails at their new address without any fear of mail losses. A US mail change of address form is required to be filled to update the address, you can fill a form online. Nearly 30 million people move from one address to another in US every year, these people can update their address in database through USPS change of address form which can be filled at a post office or by any other means like online. Changing the address is very important step towards getting your mails delivered without any interruption in services.

Many companies which are servicing these people also use the same database to provide the subscription material. USPS provides access to these companies so that they can serve their customer in case they fail to inform the company about the change of address. People have different kind of service subscribed and there are regular mails as well for example bank statement, card statement, shopping delivery etc. these are all the things that you cannot afford to lose. Many people receive medical supplies by mail and that can be life threatening if not received on time.


Filling USPS Change of Address

All you need to do is fill out a change of address form online, MegCor has a step by step detailed process of filling the US Postal Service change of address form, after filling the form the process  takes from 7 to 14 days for mails to arrive at your new address. You need to verify that you are the actual person who is moving for that USPS charges $1 amount from your credit card which has either your old or new address.

Filling other’s USPS change of address form without their consent is punishable-

usps post office chnge of addressIt is a punishable offense to fill out a fake change of address form for some one else. To overcome these problem these verification process really work well. This will also make sure that nobody else is filing your USPS change of address request without you knowing. USPS mail forwarding is helpful when you do it right otherwise US postal service cannot be blamed for poor service just because you did not fill your USPS change of address form right.

To save time and avoid post office cue you can fill the USPS address change form online which only requires a minute of your time, you just have to fill your old and new address details and you are good to go. Remember to fill out your USPS change of address form before you leave for your new address. You can file your change of address Texas post office form also online.

In recent act USPS has announced review of their 3700 branch locations which may result in closing of some of US Postal Service offices, how are you going to fill a USPS change of address form in that case. Well! An online change of address form can be very helpful in that case to have you file your USPS change of address request.

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How to file for Post office change of address

When moving the question that baffles the mind is how to file for post office change of address, which needs to be done in order to receive mail at the new location. In the United States, the rule is that either the addressee or someone, who is certified to file on behalf of the addressee, must submit the request for post office change of address. When a request for change of address is submitted, certain things should be kept in mind including the individual, who is submitting this request to the United States Postal Service that he or she is the agent of the person, guardian, person, authorized officer, or executor for whom under this form, mail would be forwarded. Anyone, who on a change of address request form deliberately submits inaccurate or false information, is subject to punishment through imprisonment or fine or even both under the United States Code (U.S.C.) Sections 1001,2, 1702 and 1708 of Title 18.

Filing a change of address

In the United States, there are two types of address change, which can be filled including permanent and temporary. The permanent type of address change is selected when; there are no plans to move back to the old address while, the temporary type is chosen when there are plans to move back, to the old address within 12 months. In the United States, post office change of address can be done in three ways. The easiest way to change address is filling the form online at the United States Postal Service website from any computer, which has access to the Internet. To avail the online method, a valid email address as well as credit or debit card is required for identity authentication before, the Internet change of address can be processed. In this method, the change of address form is submitted online and a verification fee of $1 is charged for the confirmation of the address. In case, someone does not want to make the payment of$1 verification fee then there are two more options, to ensure post office change of address in the United States. One of them is to go to the nearby post office, complete the change of address form named PS Form No 3575 in person. The second option is to complete online the form for change of address, take a printout of the form and hand in or mail, to the closest post office. Before submitting the form for change of address, it is important to ensure that it has been completely filled and duly signed.

It is advised, a form for change of address must be filled two weeks prior to moving. The most early change of addressyou can fill a form for Post office change of address in United States three months, before moving. After the agency United States Postal Service has been notified of the change in address, it can take between seven to ten postal working days for the mail to start arriving at the new address. In case, mail is not arriving in the new address even after the lapse of ten postal working days from the effective date, as specified in the Post office change of address form, a call has to be made to the customer service United States postal service number to inform regarding the issue. At the time of calling, it is important to have information available including both the new and old addresses. An agent checks on the change of address request and if necessary, document any problems.

When a Post office change of address is activated, up to three types of confirmation are sent. If the move has not happened, the Change of Address Move Validation Letter is sent to the old address but if, the move has taken place this letter is not sent. A Temporary Change of Address Confirmation Letter or Permanent Change of Address Confirmation Letter is sent to the new address. The third type of confirmation is a Welcome Kit, which contains useful information for new residents in the form of community guide, filled with special offers, coupons, and facts related to the new address. The Change of Address Confirmation Letter as well as the Welcome Kit is received within seven to ten postal working days, from the actual date in the change of address form, to confirm that the new address is correct. In case, more than ten postal working days have lapsed since, the post office change of address was effective and forwarded mail has not been received then, it has to be communicated to the United States Postal Service by calling at its customer service number. By following the above-mentioned procedure, the Post office change of address can be done in the United States.

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