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10 tips you must know before moving from one address to other

Moving from one address to another can be nerve-racking, as there are numerous tasks to complete within a short span of time. This scenario can change by following 10 best tips for moving from one address to other, which will ensure an anxiety free change of address.

1. The first tip is to plan the move by making use of a moving type of checklist. When an individual moves from one address to other, he has to manage several details within a little time. A great tool, which can come in handy during this period, is a moving type of checklist. In the Internet there are available numerous moving checklists, which an individual can download free and use to manage effectively his change of address.

2.The second tip, which an individual should follow when moving, is to file for change of address. Some basic guidelines to ease this process are, the individual should confirm his new address with his realtor or property owner and thereafter, visit the U.S. Post Office website and enter his address in the blanks provided, which will help him to find out the postal system codes and the 9-digit ZIP code for his new address. After confirmation of the new address, the individual can make a contact list of people, he would like to notify and start notifying them. The individual should also file for change of address with the U.S. Post Office which can also be filled online. You can fill online Change of Address form here.

top tips for moving3. The third tip to ensure successful change of address is to decide whether, the individual himself will do the moving or hire professional movers. While professional movers provide a lot of convenience, they are usually expensive. Certain factors, which the individual should consider, are if money is not a concern, there are furniture pieces that are heavy, or if he has lived in the present location for over 3 years, then professional and reputable movers are the way to go.

4. The forurth tip, which an individual should follow to make sure the change of address, is hassle free is to select the moving day, which will influence several of his other decisions. Some guidelines, which an individual should keep in mind while selecting the moving day are, weekdays are easier to book in comparison to weekends and weekdays are usually better options for in case, the individual requires to contact other businesses, he can do so at the time of their working hours. Furthermore, Labor Day and Memorial Day weekends are the most expensive and difficult times to rent. Therefore, to move in both these weekends, an individual needs to book months in advance.

5. The fifth best tip for moving from one address to other is to reserve the moving company or truck. Reservation of the topmost moving trucks and companies occurs very quickly so, the individual should reserve early. In case, the individual is hiring professional movers, he should get recommendations from friends and estate agents, who have recently moved and consider only those movers who have license. In addition, the individual should investigate probable movers by the United States Transportation Department. On the other hand, if the individual is going to hire moving truck, the simple steps he should keep in mind are to select the rental agency, which is nationally recognized, identify what size truck would be required, and confirm his reservation.

6. The sixth tip to ensure successful moving is the individual should collect basic packing materials such as packing paper, moving boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape before he starts packing.

7. The sixth tip for moving from one address to other is to start packing, as soon as possible, as it always takes most time and is laborious. Some important packing tips include a suitcase should be packed for every family member and kept in the car instead of being loaded on the truck and couple of boxes for every room should be created, which are marked open me first that contain items, which the individual will need straightaway on arriving in his new house.

8. The tip number eight for moving is to exclude items from the move, which an individual can do by holding a moving sale, or have a truck from charity donation, such as The Salvation Army, The Purple Heart or Disabled American Veterans, come and carry away the items, which he no longer requires.

9. The ninth tip for successful moving is to manage the day of move by starting early, recruiting as much as help as can be acquired, using sitters for kids, and having payment ready to pay the professional movers or moving truck.

10. Finally, the tenth best tip for moving from one address to other is to start the settling in process and know the important locations in the new neighborhood including shopping center, hospital, post office, grocery store, and pharmacy.

If an individual keeps in mind all these ten tips for moving from one address to other, he will surely have a trouble free move.

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