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Challenges you face in moving from one address to another

Home is a person’s personal territory, tips for moving and change of addresshis haven, his sanctuary and his address becomes a part of his identity. When due to circumstances, one has to move from one address to another, the process tends to get cumbersome both physically and emotionally. There is a long list of things to be taken care of including packing up and winding things from one place, transporting them to another and then unpacking them and adapting to the new home and neighborhood. In this tedious process one often tends to overlook the process of change of address.  Address not just signifies the place of residence but also is the location where all the important mails and bills are posted. The address is also an important feature of all the official documents including driver’s license, passport and bank documents. Therefore official notification for US Post office change of address is a mandatory task when moving from old home to a new one.

Change of address

US postal office change of address permits online notification to the authorities regarding the change of address though one may get it done in person also. Internet has become an integral part of all aspects of our lives, the same applies to change of address also. It offers the convenience to notify the post office regarding the matter from the convenience of our homes. This offers great relief in the chaotic procedure which requires time and effort. A form needs to be filled by the applicant for reporting the change of address, it should be duly filled by the authorised person and is then submitted to the officials. Once the form has been processed by the US postal services department, the new address stated becomes the official address of the applicant and all future communications are directed towards the new address.

The applicant needs to notify whether the change of address being requested is a permanent or a temporary duration. If the applicant intends another change of address within twelve months, then it would be considered as a temporary change of address. For a temporary change, the initial forwarding period is for six months which can be extended up to a maximum of one year. All other cases are considered as permanent change of address. One also needs to inform the US postal services whether the change of address being requested is for an individual, family or business purpose.  It is considered as an individual case if only one person is moving from old house to a new one or if one person is moving and others are staying behind or even if that individual is receiving mails under different names- maiden name or name after marriage etc. If all the members of the household having the same surname are shifting, it is a family case and if the movement is for a business purpose then only an authorized person who uses the business address is allowed to apply for the US postal change of address. The forwarding date is notified regarding the date the new address would become effective from. The applicant then needs to furnish his old address in full including the ZIP code along with the new address in full again with the ZIP code and his other contact details.

Once the application is processed by the concerned department, the new address becomes the forwarding address for the individual, family or business. This is a mandatory step to be taken to avoid inconvenience at a later stage. Shifting to a new place is no easy task. It requires a lot of effort and prior planning to ensure that the process takes place without many hassles, US postal change of address ensures that there is no confusion regarding the address and that all the important mails and documents reach the right person at the right time.

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