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Change of Address Post Office

Use a Change of Address form to submit online application for Post Office change of address from the comfort of your home.

When we move from one place to another a lot of things which are associated to us change, but the one majorly affected thing is our address that change every time we move. This  affects all other things associated with our address, like our bills, financial statements, gifts, online purchase & all those posts coming to you.

To overcome this problem you can have your old mails forwarded to your new address by filling up a form for address change in post office.

change of address post officeBut its not that easy as it seems while you are reading this. Imagine you are busy in packing, don’t have time to take a phone call even and suddenly you realize that all you have is one or two hours before you leave your current place for new one and you have not applied for change of address in post office. Driving all the way up to post office, Long ques, and then time taken to fill out form only if you did not make  any mistake, otherwise repeating the whole drill.

The good news is that this all can be done from the comfort of your home with in 2 minutes by just filling up a US Post office change of address form online, there are many websites like Online Address Change where you can submit post office change of address form online, you can review the form before submitting, its just a one page form and you are done. After filling the form you can start getting your mails at your new address within 7 to 10 days, this way you neither you loose your mails nor your time that you can use to say nice goodbye to your neighbours.

Fast, Safe, Secure online Address Change for Change of Address Post Office.

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15 Responses to “Change of Address Post Office”

  1. Ray M says:

    Thanks! it really helped. I was looking for US post office change of address form and this was the fastest I could do it.

  2. Sarah says:

    I am looking for US Post office change of address form, I just checked a lot of places where I can fill US post office change of address form online, I hope this is the right place but how soon can I get it done? I mean how soon it will start delivering my post on new address, I am in real hurry, gotta move within two days to LA, going to post office is really not possible for me, can you tell me how can i accelerate the change of address process.

    Many Thanks

    • Hi Sarah,
      You are at right place, you can expect your new posts within 10-14 days. If you have filled the form correctly and provided all the required details then you should be assured that you will start getting your posts on your new address very soon, you don’t need to do anything to accelerate the post office change of address process. Enjoy LA.

  3. Andrew says:

    thanks for providing quick information about post office change of address, I am really feeling good as It saved me almost 2-3 hours that I could have spent in going to post office to change my address, I have checked US postal service change of address form and it says I can get them on my new address within 14 days, I hope it works as it promises.


  4. Andy J Smith says:

    Wow! Great info, I was searching for this, can you tell me If I can fill this change of address form for my brother.

    • William, you can fill US Post Office Change of address form for your brother but you need to provide all the documents to prove that you are doing it genuinely also you have to make payment from the card which is on your brother’s name and which has his old address/new address in file.

  5. crazy99 says:

    Thanks it worked for me.

  6. Lizzy says:

    I have my permanent residence in NJ but have an apt. in NY. I’m moving out of my NY apt to another and would like to update my mailing address. If I complete a form online via USPS/umove, will it affect my permanent address I have in NJ?

    • Lizzy,
      It won’t affect your permanent address in NJ. When you fill out the form you mention your new address and your new address, so mention your NY address in online form. You can also fill online change address form at the link that I mentioned in the post above.

  7. Brayn Andersen says:

    Can I fill me change of address form if I have already moved to a new address. I had to move in a real urgency and had no time to fill change of address post office form, now I am afraid I may loose my monthly statement. Please provide some input.

  8. Terry Hale says:

    I have a problem and no one can seem to help. I got a divorce, my ex-spouse lived in the house I own for several years. My spouse moved and I moved into the house. Here is the problem, she did a change of address and my mail is now being forwarded to her residence. As you can imagine the “ex” now holds my mail hostage whenever she is angry at me. I don’t know how to stop my mail from being forwarded along with hers. Please help.

  9. Michelle says:

    Since when does it cost money to change your address??? Im SO CONFUSED!! I use to just go to the post office and get a form to fill out… and give it to my mail man. What the heck, I dont think this is RIGHT.. Im going to go back to my post office and raise some Hell!!

  10. Christina Honchell says:

    I have tried repeatedly to fill out the online change of address. after I get to the page where it asks for credit card into, I get thrown off and have to start over. I’ve tried 3 times with the same result. this is beyond frustrating – please advise.

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