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Closing Post Offices Making People Uneasy

Ever since new list of about 3700 post office under review has come out people are uncertain about their nearby post offices on which they are dependent for their regular mailing needs.

Many of the post offices are only available postal points in that locality, but the reason of financial problem or lose given by postal department makes it really hard to the residents of that locality. Now they have to start searching new point of connection to their postal needs, people already use some of other private service providers but not everybody.

Though postal department has said that not all the post offices will face closure, some place might have small postal joints in grocery stores or gas stations but it’s not that easy for everyone to change their location or drive to a new location for their regular mailing needs.

Most of the elderly people who have used US Postal service for their whole life, don’t want to switch to a new service provider or they are unable to search new place of their postal office.

There is a huge possibility of many of the post offices to stay in operations as the list is actually of those post offices which are under review which means it can stay in operation or can close as it happened with the previous list in which not all the post offices were closed but just those which were really in huge lose.

Let’s sit fingers crossed and see if your nearest post office remains your postal friend.

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