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Filling change of address form: online or offline

Moving to a new house without filing for change of address can be daunting task. One has to take into consideration various factors to ensure that the entire process is undertaken in a smooth, efficient and hassle free manner. These include not just physical shifting to a new address but social and mental adjustment to the new environment also. But the most importantChange of address factor is to ensure official notification of change of address by filling up the change of address form. This would ensure hassle free communication and transactions. It has legal implications also. Filling the change of address form online or offline is a simple procedure which ensures a lot convenience in future. The change of address form online can be easily and conveniently filled and submitted from the comfort of one’s home. The change of address form can also be obtained manually from the concerned offices and submitted as a hard copy.

Change of address online form is a web based tool designed to notify change of address following which United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or the USCIS can contact the person in relation to the altered status of address. There are however some considerations to be kept in mind while filling up the change of address online form. In addition to change of address in relation to an application that is pending, the non –U.S. citizens need to report the address change within ten days by filling up a USCIS form AR-11. Holders of A or G visas need not submit this.

Users who want to fill the change of address form online should ensure the availability of the information regarding the new address and the old address, the nature of shifting whether temporary or permanent. A duration of less than 12 months with the intention to shift back to the original address is regarded as a temporary shift and a notification for a period of six months is issued in such a case which can later be extended to another six months, making it a year in all.

The change of address form in case of a pending petition in case for Non U.S. citizens also requires provision of information regarding the last date of entry into the United States, in case the exact date cannot be furnished, an approximate date can be provided. The location as well as port of entry whether by the air route, sea route or the land route also must be mentioned. The receipt number of the case pending with USCIS should also be furnished. If no case is pending, only an AR-11 needs to be filed.

The change of address form online requires the mention of the date on which the notification must be forwarded and till when. The type of move must also be mentioned that is to specify whether the change of address form is directed towards individual requirements and other members of the family would be staying behind, for a family move requirement which would imply that all the members of the household are shifting to the new location or for business purpose. Change of address form for business purpose can be forwarded only by an authorized representative of the company. After this the user needs to furnish the old and the new address in detail including the zip codes of both the addresses. Email address must also be provided for effective correspondence. At each step, the online form displays a dialogue box indicating the choices the user has made so far. So that he can keep a track of the entries made by him and can be amended as required. After filling these details, the user must provide a valid proof of identification, the request is forwarded only if the identity is verified. After verification of the identity, a confirmation is provided to the user regarding the notification.

Change of address form online or offline?

Change of address form online or offline can be filled in simple steps. The form is essentially same but the online form has the advantage that it notifies any missed fields and incorrectly furnished information immediately. With this simple procedure, the change of address notification becomes very convenient for the users and permits hassle free communication and correspondence.

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