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Is Post Office nearby you closing?

US Postal service is going through a financial revamp. A loss of $8 billion in last year has triggered this action from the postal department. USPS has decided to review around its 3600 local offices and branches.

The USPS has had declared in January that it will be reviewing its 2000 post offices for review, a number of 1200 post offices were finally selected to be considered in which 280 have been closed, 300 are still being studied and other 620 are in different phase of closing. Now Tuesday, 26 July 2011 Postal service has announced additional 3600 post offices to be considered for review, some of these will be closed and some may be replaced by village post office within a commercial retail store.

Many people felt upset as they feel the identity of town they have been living can be lost though it is said that the town will keep the ZIP codes but what a code without a post office.

Postal department has been suffering from fall in service demand and this has created a cash crunch, to fight with these problems this review process keeps coming time and again.

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    Hey, that post leaves me feeling foisloh. Kudos to you!

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