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Is USPS moving towards bailout?

Recent announcement, by US Postal department, to review and close post offices have hit a big number- 3700 post office locations are under review out of which, many will face closure.

These reviews and closure of post offices may take USPS in financial balance as this will cut the payroll expenses and maintenance cost for those post offices which are not generating enough revenue to meet their expenses.

US postal service is second largest civil employer in the country, which makes it hard for it to meet payrolls when it is not generating enough cash flow. Many people may lose their job when these offices will face closure, though under terms of collective bargaining agreement that covers postal workers, layoffs are not allowed even in case of post office closure.
Currently moving towards a bailout, USPS has already cut more than 110K jobs in last four years which has helped cut its expenses in cost at arrange $12Bn.

A huge chunk also goes to retiree benefits which were imposed by congress, now USPS is in talks with congress to get some help.

Things seems to be getting more complicated as the number of post office under consideration are huge and if closed it would show almost half of the offices being closed.

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