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Post Offices Closure Delayed Untill Spring

It may sound good to many of you, the endanger post office next to you or in your town is going to stay their fully functional till at least next spring or to be very precise till coming May.

As we posted earlier about the review and closure process of around 3700 post offices which are making loss to the USPS, the review process is still on and the spokeswoman, Sue Brennan said last week “No decisions have been made because the studies haven’t been completed,” she also said that “There are no assumptions or foregone conclusions. The study process is very detailed and takes months to complete. We expect to make announcements on closures this spring.”

The postal service has agreed to stop closing of any post offices. Also a bipartisan amendment to the Postal Services Act approved last month by the Senate Panel require the postal department to provide an alternative before closing a post office like less working hours post office or relocation to nearby place.

The agreement was reached on Tuesday between a group of Democratic senators, U.S. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe and the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors Chairman Thurgood Marshall Jr.

It would surely give some time to the people who are facing huge difficulties due to the closure news, the postal department can also use this time to find out some better options for the people and localities which are suppose to face a post office closure.

Some of the companies which depend heavily on the postal department for their deliveries can also look for setting up another means of delivering their shipments.

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