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This time people are opposing Post office closure even hard!

The news of 3700 post offices around the country getting reviewed for closure to save USPS from going bankrupt has started creating what seems to be a revolution. People who are living in small towns having only post office in the review list are preparing to show their requirement of the post office by various means. Post offices are not only fulfilling the mail needs, medication USPS Change of address and other important things are also moved through US Postal service, and if post office faces closure than medicines are going to be freeze without any proper arrangement, which is by far not visible in the agenda. When closures happened in previous reforms there was not too much agitation from the public but this time its making a new wave everywhere and everyplace which has a post office in review list.

Many of them are trying to build a consensus around the requirement of the post office in their area.

According to Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe the USPS is not financially stable.

Any post office which generates revenue of $27,500 per year and having a workload of less than 2 hours or less are most probably going to be closed. Many rural post offices fall in this scale and would probably face closure.

Now people in many areas have started sending their comments to the Post Master and the area heads of the postal service that why their post office should remain open in that area. Bynum is one such case in Montana. Dates are provided to all the people in that area by their local postal personals. November 30 has been given to provide any comment if someone wants to provide, in a personal manner.

This is just one part of the story, it is also in news that at many places people are doing march and protest the closure of the postal offices in areas where there is no other point for postal services.

The whole issue that started after the postal department found that it is unable to pay $5.5 billion prepayment for its retiree health benefits account. Since the dead line, which was in September, has been extended other options are being reviewed for this prepayment retiree health benefit. Postal officials are planning to launch a separate health benefit plan; this will be considered in coming reforms.

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