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United States (US) Post Office Change of Address

United States (US) Post office change of address is used to change your address in post office temporarily or permanently. You can go to post office or you can fill an online form here.

You should fill a post office change of address form if you don’t want to miss any of your mails when you move to a new address. You can go to your nearest post office to fill out a physical postal change of address form and do all the formalities there, but when you are moving it can be really hard to find even a little time to go to post office, in that case filling an online form for change of address can be really helpful.

There are many advantages of filling a US Post office change of address form online-
1. It saves you time you could spend in long queues.
2. You don’t need to drive to your post office.
3. You can do it within minutes.
4. You can do it sitting at home talking to your kids or parents or friends.
5. You can use this saved time to organize a small get together/cheese n wine with your neighbors with whom you have spent a part of your life.
6. You can use this online change of address form to avoid any mistakes you can do at post office while filing physical form in hurry.
7. You will help environment by saving paper.

Well these are few of the advantages of online filing of US Post office change of address form. When you file an address change request you need to confirm your identity and for that you need to pay $1 from your credit card which should either have a billing address of your old address or the new address. This is a nominal fee just to avoid anyone else filing a change of address form in your name. If you are want to fill US mail change of address form online free then let me tell you it is not possible as that way they won’t be able to confirm your identity.

So make sure you apply for change of address at least 14 days before you are finally planning to leave your old address as this process takes from 7 to 14 days to have your mails delivered to your new address as that much time is taken by post office address change process to update your address in their database.

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  1. Robert Norris says:

    Keeps charging different prices. $20.00 another $6.99. Can’t seem to get to the $1.00 charge.

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