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USPS cutting on delivery time of First-class mail

Struggling to save itself from bankruptcy US Postal service has changed its delivery plans, now the first-class mail delivery time would be changed from next day delivery to two to three days which will save it some cost.

How this is going to affect USPS? USPS currently has around 500 mail processing which would be cut down to 250, in this case mails have to be consolidated to these 250 processing centers which will take the mail more time to reach you as they will be traveling for other mail processing centers which they were suppose to use. The standard of delivery within one to three days will be changed to two to three days.

How this is going to affect you – Your mail-order prescription may be late next time it is supposed to reach at your door step. Magazines and newspaper which are time sensitive may suffer their delivery time, any mail you send for an urgent delivery is not going to be delivered next day.

As we posted before about the 3700 post offices, this act will help USPS cut around 8 to 10 thousand jobs and save around $6 billion a year.

What could be long term effects of this? People will stop depending on first-class delivery and start using other services provided by other private players and ultimately USPS will lose its already decreasing market share and may be in some more years it will again be in same position.

The financial crisis which is generated due to the payments of retiree benefits will pull even long if there is no other way found other than cutting the priority services.

Public is opposing these acts ever since the the postal service has announced the closing of its 3700 office locations which are not generating enough revenue.

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