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Why post office are needed for our society

Post offices today are considered to be very old school, people today lead an impatient life where everything needs to be very fast in a fraction of second.  So does communication of any sort.  Mobiles, e-mails, text messaging, video calling etc have all changed the face of communication drastically.  Advent of technology any person anywhere in the world can speak to another person in another corner of the globe.  Gone are the days when we had to wait for days and sometimes even weeks to get a reply for our message, even the telegram today seems to take ages in communicating the message.

post officeBut this was not the case always, as communication always meant writing long letters and going to the post offices to post them.  Of course post offices offered many services like the money order service, speed post; registered post etc.  Post offices have even started various saving schemes for customers.  But even with all these once so popular institution is losing its sheen so to speak.  People today on the quest for speed have forgotten the personal touch.  Remember the days when you used to write a birthday wish on a greeting and post it to someone.  Today we just post on their facebook wall.  Just ask yourself or rather remember the day when you got a greeting or an acceptance ‘letter’ from a college where you dreamt of going.  Of course an e-mail or a post on an account’s wall will also deliver the same message but in double quick time but it will lack that personal touch.  It will fail to give you that thrill or joy or happiness that you derive when you are actually holding the message.  This has led to governments around the world to shut down post offices as they were racking in losses for the government.

At this point I would like to share my own experience.  One of my friends had a very ugly fight with her dad.  It was so ugly that he stopped talking with no matter how much ever she tried no reply from his end.  Then when she was narrating that incident to me I had this brainwave and asked her to write a letter to her father stating all the facts as it is.  She countered me saying, “an e-mail would serve the same purpose why should I write and moreover schedule being so hectic, and there is no time to write.” But I insisted and made her to write.  My only explanation to that is when you write, the person reading reads your handwriting along with your message.  Just imagine receiving an I LOVE YOU from your girl/guy in a long distance relationship.  Now imagine the scenario of getting it through an e-mail, a text message and also a letter neatly wrapped in an envelope.  I’ll bet you would love to see those words in his/her own writing rather than the made up writing of MS WORD (no offense Mr.  Gates).  Not only that, tomorrow when you feel angry you may delete that particular e-mail or text, but try tearing that letter.

Another relevant point of view would be philately, which is considered as king of all hobbies.

With the post offices being shut down who is going to sell stamps to those folk who are passionate about it.  I for one have a thousand stamps and I can’t imagine the day when we are going to classify stamps as extinct species.  Of course with all this is the post office employees lose their jobs and bread too.

But the important point being the post offices have contributed to the happiness of the people.  Be it a mundane task of stamp collecting or writing a letter.  Gone are the days when we had to follow a pattern while writing a letter.  If the post offices are going to be shut then gradually society’s happiness quotient will also get affected.  So even though its old school no problem because as they say old after all is GOLD.

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