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Your town may have to survive without a post office

As we disclosed in Is Post Office nearby you closing? post that USPS is closing its post offices at many places, the list contains many post offices which are only postal points in the town, in that case any such town or village will have to survive without a post office. Many of the post offices which are in that list are even landmarks but the billion dollar loss of US postal department cannot care more for that.

As the list goes by there are many such places like Yellow Pine and Kings Street post office which is under review this time, it is not decided yet that these will face closure but there is a huge possibility as they have made it to the review list.

People in such places are sitting fingers crossed because if he post office is closed some places have nearest post office as far as 3-5hours drive. How this gonna impact USPS’s financial position is another point but this will certainly change the life of people who live in those places. How these people are going to survive this remains a question unanswered.

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